The Everyday Girl Boss: Jackie Geisler

My whole life my exercise routine and diet has fluctuated. I’ve tried the hottest new workout programs, diets and tricks – nothing sticks. When going from one extreme to the other, you’re bound to fail. So, I finally decided to try different techniques to maintain and sustain healthy habits and a healthier lifestyle. And guess what? It works.

This next girl boss decided to quit her average 9-5 desk job for a career she is proud of and passionate about. She started Live Free Fitness in 2020 and has been helping women create healthier and sustainable lifestyles since. So, let’s meet Jackie Geisler, her growing fitness community and learn more about why she’s a total #girlboss.

Name: Jackie Geisler
Business Name: Live Free Fitness
Established Year: 2020
Instagram: @jackie_geisler_fitness
Website: It’s almost done! Stay tuned.

Tell me more about YOU, the dedicated and hardworking Girl Boss behind the business.
I am where I am because I have trusted my gut every step of the way. Growing up I was always super active and athletic. I was always playing sports.

I went to college as a two sport athlete BUT just because I was always moving, doesn’t mean I was healthy. I gained about 30 lbs while in college and developed a terrible relationship with exercise, myself, my body, food, etc. There was so much that went into developing those unhealthy relationships that are a story for another day but along with all of this, I lost all of my confidence in myself. I felt ashamed. I felt like I was always falling short of high expectations.

After college, I got my first 9-5 desk job in NYC at a salary of $12,000 for the year which is absolutely insane. I was working three jobs and most of the time I was working 20 hour days to be able to afford to live in the city. One of the “jobs” I picked up was actually network marketing. I started doing Beachbody because I was in a place where I needed to change my own health and I thought I would help others along the way.

I lasted 3 months at this 9-5 desk job before knowing that it was not for me and knowing I would never work like this again. I would never commute in business casual attire or have  to ask for permission to take on projects with my work ever again.

Long story short, I trusted my gut to quit this job, to try to go “all in” with Beachbody, to eventually quit Beachbody and get my personal training certifications, to train at a big corporate gym, and to ultimately quit the gym and go back online. This time it would all be mine!! It would be mine to do what I want with, to help people how I choose,  to grow how I choose, to help people how I helped myself, and to change lives but in a way that felt authentic to me and that I can truly get fully behind.

Tell us more about your business and how you became a Girl Boss.
ive Free Fitness was created to help women change their lives, health, bodies, and minds. We help women on their health journeys but here at LFF it’s not just about handing someone a workout guide and meal plan then sending them on their way. That doesn’t really create true change, that just shows someone how well they can follow a plan. We take three main things into consideration when coaching and guiding our clients: sustainability, lifestyle, and deep health. Whatever change our clients are making in their lives must be sustainable change.

I’ve been there for years with the back and forth, stop and go, on track and off track, etc. I know how defeating and mentally exhausting that can be. So here at LFF change is sustainable, small, and incremental so that our ladies can stick to it in a year from now, 2 years from now, and forever.

We also take a look at lifestyle. Every woman has a different life and one strategy that works for a mom of 4, won’t work for someone in the Army, someone that’s a teacher, or someone that’s 20 years older. Our lives need to be taken into consideration at each step of the way in order for it to fit for the individual. Last is deep health. I’m not sorry to bear this news, but our health is way more than a meal plan and a workout guide. Our health is our sleep, hormones, routines, habits, mindset, stress management and so much more than that. It all needs to be part of the conversation to have a deep health transformation.

What led me to create a program that taps into deep health is the fact that I have been there. I tried bouncing back around from diet to diet. I tried 90 minutes of cardio. I tried to be so strict it backfired. I’ve been there and I have seen the beauty that comes with deep and wide change.

What does it mean to you to be a #GIRLBOSS?
Being a girlboss means showing the f*uck up for yourself and for others. It means deciding to live a life of growth no matter what’s thrown at you or when. It means seeing your struggles and challenges as lessons to be learned and coming out stronger than before. It means prioritizing yourself and showing up for yourself first, then letting the world in and making it just a little bit better, every single day.

What do you love most about running your own business and being a Girl Boss?
GOODNESS gracious. What I love most about running my own business is literally everything! I’d never change anything about my path in getting to where I am now. I get to work when I want, where I want, how I want, and do what I want. There’s no other work I would ever do. I have the creative freedom I want and on top of that, I get to employ people and create jobs so that they can also have their own creative freedom. It’s definitely a “grind”. I would never lie and say it’s not a grind but I love the work I do so it doesn’t feel like work.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in being a business owner?
The biggest obstacle I have faced in being a business owner is just learning how to get out of my own way. I’ve learned this is a constant factor too. There’s been so much progress in this area but it’s something that as entrepreneurs we will never be done with. There are always going to be ways we consciously or subconsciously get in our own way and it takes a lot of work to heal. The hardest thing isn’t building the funnel, it’s not deciding what to sell, it’s not creating the perfect course…

The hardest part is healing our past stories and past ways of living. At the end of the day we literally can do anything we want to but we are also the biggest obstacle that will get in our own way. This is ongoing. I’ve come a long long way but there is still work that needs to be put in.

Is there a moment during your career that stands out to you and validates your decision to become a Girl Boss?
As much as network marketing gets a bad rep, it’s the thing that changed my course. I’m really not sure I would have ended up as an entrepreneur or owning a business if it were not for Beachbody. My time with them (about a year) truly gave me the power to believe in myself and believe what I could do on this earth. It taught me I could make money both not at a desk in khakis and also doing something I loved.  

It taught me that there are other people like me out there, work ethic, my passion for health and wellness, personal development, time management, hard work, etc. I learned to believe in myself because of network marketing. Although it wasn’t the exact work I wanted to be doing, network marketing did change my career path to the field that I was placed on this earth to be in.

What advice would you give to aspiring Girl Bosses?
If I were to give only one piece of advice to aspiring girl bosses it would be hands down, get support. Personally I will never not have a community, mentor, coach, or program that I am learning from. Why take 2 years to learn something from scratch when someone out there has already done it. You can pay them for their knowledge and have it done in a fraction of the time. Not only that, but it can be lonely and hard at times. Sometimes we don’t always feel supported by friends or family and having a community or coach during those times is what makes it easier to stay the course and keep your head in the right space. Getting help is not something to be ashamed of. It’s powerful and smart.

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