Summer Snack Series: Road Trips

Welcome to the first post of the Summer Snack Series! This week we are focusing on delicious yet nutritious snacks you can bring when you’re on a road trip! Carly recently went on a family trip to Jersey for her big 3-0, and had to plan out some car snacks for her family. Generally, she isn’t driving five hours to a destination, so what she is about to share will also apply to your daily commutes, even if it is only fifteen minutes or an hour.

First off, I’m so excited for this series and I hope you are too! So, let’s dive right in and start snacking! During my five hour car ride this past weekend, I had to plan ahead of time to make sure I had the right snacks in the car to avoid any hangry passengers (myself included). So, here’s a quick pro-tip for you… FRUIT CAN BE YOUR PRE-PACKAGED SNACK. Whenever I am traveling, I always opt for fresh fruit in the car and here’s why:

  • For One: Seasonable fruit gives you the most bang for your nutritional buck. I love fruit, especially fruit that is fresh and seasonable. For my trip I chose PEACHES, BERRIES, and MELON.  All of which are in season for summer months.  By choosing fruit that is in season, you get the most nutrients and flavor that the fruit has to offer.
  • My Second Reason: Fruits are low in calories so I don’t worry about what mindless grazing on berries may do to my waistline. The serving size for a fruit is 1 cup or the size of your fist, the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies is 1-2 cups depending on the size of your body, gender, age, and goals.  A question I typically get is, “Isn’t fruit bad for you because of all of the sugar?”, No. Point blank. Fruit is a source of carbohydrate which does break down in your digestive system to glucose or sugar that we use as fuel for our normally functioning systems.  The fiber content along with vitamins and minerals that are present make the fruit much more than just the glucose that it breaks down to in your stomach. So, YES fruit does contain sugar (fructose, which is naturally occurring) and NO it is not bad for you. 
  • My Third Reason for choosing fresh fruit as a car trip road snack is because of the high water content of most fruits.  Hydration is KEY for daily functioning and weight loss. Our bodies are over 60% water, and we need much more than a 16.9 ounce water bottle once in a while.  Snacking on fruit is a great way to help keep yourself hydrated…and I don’t know about you, but my husband gets rather angry if I chug water and then have to stop on the trip every 30 minutes.

All in all, fruit is a delicious, health, and easy choice for any occasion, but in the car it is a home run. 

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