Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kristina Lindgren

Yesterday we had our first big snow storm in New York. For many schools this meant their first snow day. For other schools, they opted to resume classes virtual despite the weather since schools are fully equipped to learn from home. Even COVID has impacted the sacred snow day we all cherish so much inContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kristina Lindgren”

Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe

As if teaching wasn’t time consuming and demanding enough, just throw a pandemic in the mix. Back in June when the 2019-2020 school year ended, we all hoped that the next school year would start off on a brighter note. Nope. Now we’re three months into the year and some students have yet to stepContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe”

Love is NOT Cancelled: Amy & Mike

Amy and I met in college at SUNY Oneonta (go Red Dragons!) and shared many laughs and drinks together at the baseball house, where we frequented. To be fair, we were both dating boys on the team. She’s someone who is always down to have a good time but is not over the top aboutContinue reading “Love is NOT Cancelled: Amy & Mike”

Love is NOT Cancelled: Kat & Ryan

I met Kat and Ryan (also known as Willy) in 2016 when I was visiting Lila and my cousin in Charleston, SC. At the time, everyone lived in this big apartment complex together where they could hang out and have fun on the regular. We all had a lot of fun together that week. FlashContinue reading “Love is NOT Cancelled: Kat & Ryan”

Love is NOT Cancelled: Reflecting On My Wedding

When they say that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, it’s true. You prepare months and/or years for one day, and before you know it, it’s over. Being surrounded by your closest friends and family for an intimate, raw and real moment is a feeling you can’t explain untilContinue reading “Love is NOT Cancelled: Reflecting On My Wedding”

Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Amy Maher

Let’s be honest, now more than ever do we truly miss and appreciate our teachers. It’s been 10 weeks since students have been in physical classrooms. 10 weeks of parents navigating schoolwork with their kids. And, 10 weeks wondering what the remainder of the school year holds and what the next school year is goingContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Amy Maher”

The Life of a Healthcare Worker During a Pandemic

We’re all doing our part during this pandemic to stop the spread and flatten the curve. In New York, we’re required to wear face masks in public spaces and our schools are officially closed for the remainder of the year. I personally have been hunkered down in my house for the past seven weeks, workingContinue reading “The Life of a Healthcare Worker During a Pandemic”