The Everyday Girl Boss: Mindy Whitt

Planning a vacation can be tedious, time consuming and overwhelming. I know first hand, as it took me months on end to figure out where I was going to Honeymoon last year. It would have been nice to have someone do the heavy lifting, presenting me with the best options based on my preferences forContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Mindy Whitt”

Love is NOT Cancelled: Kat & Ryan

I met Kat and Ryan (also known as Willy) in 2016 when I was visiting Lila and my cousin in Charleston, SC. At the time, everyone lived in this big apartment complex together where they could hang out and have fun on the regular. We all had a lot of fun together that week. FlashContinue reading “Love is NOT Cancelled: Kat & Ryan”

Meet the Other Face Behind Roses & Rose´

I have so many amazing talented friends in my life, ranging from hair dressers to nurses to dietitians and brewers. One of my favorite types of friends is a good cook – c’mon, everyone likes to eat! While I have a lot of friends that are exceptional chefs, one of my nearest and dearest friends,Continue reading “Meet the Other Face Behind Roses & Rose´”