Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe

As if teaching wasn’t time consuming and demanding enough, just throw a pandemic in the mix. Back in June when the 2019-2020 school year ended, we all hoped that the next school year would start off on a brighter note. Nope. Now we’re three months into the year and some students have yet to stepContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe”

Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kristin Komazenski

It’s officially June, which means the end of the school year is near. Typically, this is an exciting, yet nostalgic, time for faculty and students. It’s a time where the workload slows down, there are more parties and school activities and summer “officially” begins! Unfortunately, this school year is winding down differently than it hasContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kristin Komazenski”

Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Patrick Sanger

Being an Ichabod Crane Alumni, naturally the next teacher I chose to interview for my virtual teacher spotlight series was someone from my alma mater. He was my High School History teacher (I was actually in one of the first classes he ever taught at ICC), and is now someone whom I call a friend.Continue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Patrick Sanger”