The Everyday Girl Boss: Sarah Salvioli

Makeup and hair is a talent that does not come easy to everyone. I can do a simple ponytail and french braid, but that is where my skills end. Same goes for makeup, I know the basics. This is why girls like me love to get my hair and makeup done for special events, becauseContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Sarah Salvioli”

Small Business Spotlight: Flying Eye Press

Since launching Small Town Sunday, I’ve focused primarily on small businesses within the food and beverage industry. The reality is that there are so many amazing small businesses that are also in the industries of retail, health, beauty, events and beyond. This is why this week I’m featuring a local silkscreen printer who makes customContinue reading “Small Business Spotlight: Flying Eye Press”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Katie Shaw

A hairdresser is a girls best friend. She’s someone who fixes you up and listens to your problems, all while making you feel like your best self. They’re super talented, extremely hardworking and very dedicated professionals. Like most, their professions and livelihoods were affected by the pandemic, forcing them to come up with creative waysContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Katie Shaw”

2020 Small Town Sunday Roundup

2020 was a year that tested all of us. We went through situations that we could have never dreamed of. We were forced to change and adapt to survive. We also showed compassion, went the extra mile to support our communities and paid it forward where and when we could. Small businesses are one ofContinue reading “2020 Small Town Sunday Roundup”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Jenn Fasano

A few months after the launch of my blog, I found interest in learning more about other women and their self-made businesses. I’m a firm believer that it’s not your product or service that people are buying into (although, it’s a major factor), but what gets people really hooked is the story or face behindContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Jenn Fasano”

Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe

As if teaching wasn’t time consuming and demanding enough, just throw a pandemic in the mix. Back in June when the 2019-2020 school year ended, we all hoped that the next school year would start off on a brighter note. Nope. Now we’re three months into the year and some students have yet to stepContinue reading “Virtual Teacher Spotlight: Kira Thorpe”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Alexandra Fasulo

At some point in your life you probably had a job you hated and wished you could just quit. If you’re like me, you never quit that job because you needed money and didn’t have a backup plan. This next Girl Boss pulled the trigger, quit that job and now lives the life she alwaysContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Alexandra Fasulo”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Sam Torrey

With the upcoming election, it’s important to spotlight the hardworking and dedicated women in politics. Voting is such an important and privileged right that we have as Americans citizens. So, my next #GirlBoss is not only the Chief of Staff with the New York State Assembly and on the board of a well-known Not-for-Profit organization,Continue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Sam Torrey”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Jhori Jurgenson

If you live in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, chances are you’ve heard of this #GirlBoss and her businesses. Whether you’ve hired her for an event or visited her new donut shop, she’s definitely made a name for herself. She’s made some of my friends look and feel their best for weddings and hasContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Jhori Jurgenson”

The Everyday Girl Boss: Kathleen Rohlfs

This Girl Boss is a creative genius, constructs the most breathtaking floral arrangements and owns the cutest flower shop in my town. She is well-known for her gorgeous flowers and when you attend a wedding, you know immediately if she was the florist. I can say firsthand how talented she is as she did myContinue reading “The Everyday Girl Boss: Kathleen Rohlfs”