Bramble Grove Boutique, Inc.

You all know how much I love florals and jewelry, so this next company caught my eye immediately. Jolinda makes the most beautiful handmade botanical products, ranging from earrings, to bookmarks, to car coasters. Everything is hand pressed and created out of her shop in Ballston Spa. Not only are all the items in her shop something I want for myself, but I also want to buy them for all my girlfriends and family. So, let’s learn more about Jolinda, her shop, Bramble Grove Boutique, Inc., and check out all of the amazing products she has created.

Business Name: Bramble Grove Boutique, Inc.
Owner: Jolinda Valentine
Established Year: 2019
Location: Ballston Spa, NY

Facebook: @bramblegroveboutique

Tell us about your business and the story behind its creation! 
I became curious about jewelry making in 2019. I spent a lot of time purchasing and reading jewelry making magazines to learn about beading, wire wrapping and textured copper earrings. For a little while I was also tumbling my own rocks and gems at home to turn into jewelry as well, which was a very messy but fun process. I learned the basic skills of jewelry making from this and soon after discovered that you can press flowers at home, preserve them in resin, and turn them into jewelry.

Since I began my jewelry making journey with beads, I have incorporated some of that into my flower jewelry and it makes for some truly unique pieces. Although I loved beading and working with copper, as soon as I tried botanical resin jewelry out, I quickly fell in love and shifted my whole focus to working with plants of all kinds. I come from a family on both my mother and fathers side of gardeners and art lovers, so I have always loved being in nature, admiring flowers, and learning new art skills.

What products and services do you offer? What makes them unique?
I create one of a kind real botanical jewelry, accessories and home decor. My pieces include earrings, necklaces, jewelry storage, coasters, hair clips, wine charms, bookmarks, keychains, framed art, ornaments, bridal hair combs and more. My favorite things to create are earrings and coasters because I find I am most creative when making them. I find that my items are special and unique because there are not many stores that carry real botanical handmade jewelry and accessories and although I create many pieces each month, they are all unique in their own way.

Flowers and plants bring so much joy to people and I love hearing that wearing a pair of my handcrafted earrings or displaying an ornament makes that customer smile. I also create many custom pieces, whether it be from a customer’s wedding, a loved ones funeral, or even a special flower someone had pressed with the intention of turning it into something in the future. I absolutely love to work on custom orders and work with the customer to create a design they will love for years to come.

What do you love most about running your own business and being a business owner?
Being a business owner is the best career move I have ever made. After working in healthcare for over twelve years, it is so refreshing to be able to wake up every day and do something that allows me to be creative and make something new each day. I never feel like each day is the same. Running your own business takes a lot of work, research, trial and error, and trust in the process, but it is so rewarding to see the growth of something you created. My favorite thing about running my business is having nature be a part of my daily life. I want to bring joy to others that love nature and also inspire others to take in the beauty around them in this beautiful world.

What has been one of the most memorable experiences or opportunities that you’ve experienced since opening your business?
Attending artisan and craft fairs has been such a wonderful opportunity for me as an individual and as a business owner. I have met so many other local businesses and connected with my community, where I feel I wouldn’t have if I was not involved in craft fairs. I have donated jewelry a few times to help fundraise for people in need, and that was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

What advice would you give to aspiring business owners?
If you have the passion and desire to open your own business, but don’t know where to start or feel nervous about it, don’t let negative thoughts hold you back! I had many reservations about starting my own business but they were just fears I had to overcome. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is a great way to start on your journey. Never feel shy to ask questions. Everyone starts somewhere with little knowledge and as we gain momentum, I believe it is good to help others that want to follow in the same path of entrepreneurship. If there is a will, there is a way and if you have passion, you will find your way.

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