Saratoga Garlic

I love garlic. It is one ingredient I almost always cook with and incorporate into recipes. This next company was created by a Saratoga Springs family on their 10-acre garlic farm, where they grow, harvest, develop and make their famous garlic based products. You can find their delicious aioli’s and pickled garlic at various retail chains throughout New York and farmers markets. So, let’s learn more about Saratoga Garlic, their farm and their amazing products!

Farm Name: Homestead View Farm
Company Name: Saratoga Garlic
Owners: Max Higgins & Bill Higgins
Established Year: 1998
Farm Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

Facebook: @saratogagarlic
: @saratogagarlic

Tell us more about how your farm was established and how it’s evolved into what it is today. 
Saratoga Garlic’s home is a 10 acre family owned & operated farm outside of Saratoga Springs, NY committed to sustainably producing the highest quality garlic and garlic aioli sauces. 

Bill Higgins has run the farm and produced our innovative sauces for 20 years.  His son, Max, now operates the business and Bill, a trained ecologist, spends his time in our sandy loam fields with his beloved garlic.

Garlic has long been touted as a miracle bulb said to cure the common cold, strengthen bones and even improve athletic performance. We love garlic for it’s scientifically proven health benefits BUT even more for how it tastes. We want to share our love for garlic so we’re making it easy for people to love it too.  Enjoy our delicious and versatile garlic sauce on your seafood, meat, veggies, sandwiches, entrees and more. 

What does your farm specialize in and what is it that you harvest and sell?
We grow fresh garlic and have a commercial kitchen on the farm where we manufacture six different garlic based products, five aioli sauces and a lemon dill pickled garlic.

When is your busy season and where can people find and buy your products? What is your top seller?
We sell our products all year but summer is busier than most seasons. Our top sellers are the Homestead Aioli, Sambal Aioli, and Wasabi & Horseradish Aioli. You can find us at most farmers markets in the capital region and a number of retail locations throughout NYS. Hannaford is our biggest retail chain customer. 

What do you love most about running a farm? What do you think is the hardest part?
It is hard work but always rewarding when you can produce products that many people enjoy. I enjoy being able to grow a brand that my dad started. 

What has been one of the most rewarding things about owning and operating your own farm? Is there a memorable experience or opportunity that stands out to you?
The most rewarding part is hearing from customers how much they love our products and how it’s become a staple in their household. We’ve had many memorable experiences. A few that stand out are having a crew from the food network at the farm, presenting to and being accepted by large distribution partners like KeHE and Sysco.

Going to New York City and meeting with Vito Latilla, owner of the Manhattan Fruit Exchange. Vito  inspired my dad to start Saratoga Garlic so it was cool to get the perspective on how the idea started. 

In your opinion, why are farms so important and what is one misconception that you think people have about them? What do you envision for your farm in 10 years from now and how can people continue to support you?
Farms are important because the food we eat directly correlates to our health and well being. It’s important to eat good food in order to live happy & healthy. We hope to continue to develop the property and expand our kitchen operation. We have big plans but a long way to go. People can continue to support us by enjoying our products and telling your friends. We’re so grateful for all of our customers and retail partners.

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