Grimaldi Farm

It’s BBQ season! Hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, grilled veggies, the list goes on and on. Grilling season is definitely one of my favorite things about summer. This is why this next family farm deserves to be recognized for all of their hard-work and dedication to providing us with their speciality product – Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef. Without farms like Grimadli Farm, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy BBQ season the right way! So, let’s learn more about Grimadli Farm, their products, the owners and how you can purchase and enjoy their delicious meat products.

Farm Name: Grimaldi Farm
Owners: Mario Grimaldi, Joe Grimaldi and Dominic Grimaldi
Established Year: 1982
Farm Location: Ghent, NY 

Retail Location: 22 Old Talerico Road, Ghent, NY 12075
Facebook: @grimaldifarmstore
: @grimaldifarmstore

Tell us more about how your farm was established and how it’s evolved into what it is today.
M. Grimaldi and Son’s “Grimaldi Farms” traces its roots to a young man, Mario Grimaldi, in the 1980’s who was in search to follow his passion of farming. Mario discovered this passion spending long summer days on the family farm in Upstate NY. He has inspired his sons, Joe and Dom, to follow in his footsteps to carry on the Grimaldi name in the agriculture community.

Times have changed since Mario bought our quaint farm. Purchasing food and goods directly from local sources that are known for healthy practices has become a mainstream way of life for the health-conscious consumers.  We recognized this change in the marketplace and that is why we raise our certified organic beef from our healthy happy herd. We are proud to offer our Grass-Fed Certified Organic Beef. 

What does your farm specialize in and what is it that you harvest and sell?
We proudly offer and specialize in Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef.  Maintaining organic certification is truly important to us.  We believe in producing food with no additives or by-products.   This also translates into a better tasting product Farm to Table.  We offer a variety of cuts of meat; RibEye, Porterhouse, Brisket, Ground Beef, Skirt, Sirloin, Soup Bones, T-Bone, to name a few.  We also sell Farm Fresh Eggs,  and sell a portion of the Hay we produce to local farms.

When is your busy season and where can people find and buy your products? What is your top seller?
Our top seller is Ground Beef,  Easily incorporated into many dishes, family recipes, or creating a perfect burger; we sell Pre-Made Burgers too!

Given the past year events dealing with Covid-19 we have been grateful to have filled a need in the community. We saw the greatest increase in demand throughout the pandemic. Meeting new customers looking for new avenues to provide food for families. We were blessed to grow these connections with our customers. On average our busiest selling season is Late Spring/Summer, with Fall and Winter only being slightly behind.

This also co-coincides with our busiest farming season (late May through August) when making Hay for the farm is in full swing.  Once we can start mowing and there’s no rain in the forecast; IT’S GO TIME!

We are expanding into different markets everyday as the interest in eating locally produced organic products continues to increase.   Currently our products can be purchased directly from our website, at our Farm Store located at 22 Old Talerico Road, Ghent, NY 12075, and local markets;

Philmont Co-Op, Random Harvest, Mx Morningstar Farms, Loveapple Farm, and Letterbox Farm. We also partner with The Maker Restaurant, Mei Dumplings and most recently with This and That Food Truck / Kitchen and Catering who all will be offering a selection of our products on their menus. 

What do you love most about running a farm? What do you think is the hardest part?Meeting everyone in the community has the greatest impact on why we love what we do.  Gathering over a meal with family and friends is what we enjoy ourselves. Being able to produce a superior product that complements and enhances those moments is a dream come true. 

The hardest part is the job is 24/7 – 365 and as the saying goes “it takes a village”.   We have tremendous support from family and friends who will come around the farm and help in any way needed.   We could not do what we do without that support and assistance.  It’s truly what makes a Family Owned Farm so special. 

What has been one of the most rewarding things about owning and operating your own farm? Is there a memorable experience or opportunity that stands out to you?Hearing from our customers on how much they enjoyed our Beef.   It will never get old,  it keeps us going each and every day, and never ceases to put a smile on our faces. We are blessed to be doing what we enjoy but that feedback is important.  We continued to take that feedback and improve our product each and every day. 

Every time we start partnering with a new vendor, or local producer is memorable.  Meeting everyone in the community is what we enjoy, and extending that connection through partnerships with other local vendors and producers is just icing on the cake. 

Lastly, Calving season although possibly something that would fall on the hardest part of farming is unquestionably rewarding.   As our herd grows and we bring a new calf into the herd every time a new calf is born is memorable.

In your opinion, why are farms so important and what is one misconception that you think people have about them?
There’s lots to be said regarding the importance of Farms and supporting your local farmer.  Our opinion is clearly biased but we truly need to keep all the Farms you are spotlighting going. We are grateful for a feature such as this. Eating locally sourced, and produce food is the backbone to everyone communities’ future. 

What do you envision for your farm in 10 years from now and how can people continue to support you?
We are continuing to expand with local vendors, and producers along with upcoming expansions for our Farm Store. We continue to try and offer new cuts with our Butcher to give our customers something new. We also now ship our Beef through our website ( We expect to keep growing each and every year and excited about the future of Grimaldi Farm.   

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