The Everyday Girl Boss: Lynn Nicholls

I find psychic mediums so fascinating and have always wanted to get a reading for fun. A few months back when I was exploring Clubhouse I came across this room called “Psychic Party!” and knew I had to drop in to see what it was about. The woman on stage who was giving readings was spot on, hilarious and so personal. That day I got my first reading from her, and I was hooked! Today, I regularly talk with this psychic medium and I am so excited to feature her as one of my Girl Bosses!

Lynn Nicholls is based out of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and is an intuition expert and psychic medium. Her accurate insights and down-to-earth personality keep clients coming back, including myself! So, let’s meet Lynn and learn more about how she got where she is today!

Name: Lynn Nicholls
Business: Lynn Nicholls – Intuition Expert
Established Year: 2005
Instagram: @lynn_nicholls

Tell me more about YOU, the dedicated and hardworking Girl Boss behind the business.
Situated near a famous waterfall and between two lakes, it is no wonder that my parents named me Lynn. It means lake or waterfall. Niagara Falls has been home for my entire life. 

Anything outdoors is at the top of my list of favorite things to do: hiking, biking, gardening; lazy days at the beach; or exploring wineries. I have two little dogs. Frankie is a rescue. He’s a 5 pound poodle who is blind, deaf and has lost most of his teeth but he lives like a king. We think that he’s about 18 years old. Rosie, our Pompoo, came to us as a puppy two years ago and is my shadow.  

I was always intrigued by the spirit world and can talk about it for hours. I was the one at teenage slumber parties that pulled out the ouija board and tried to hold seances. In retrospect, those were not good ideas. I enjoy reading about it and continuously educating myself and improving my skills. 

Fascinated by the workings of the mind and having a love of learning, I decided to become a teacher. I love watching children discover how capable they are. However, when you’re a natural medium, you are teaching 20 or so children while trying to ignore their loved ones on the other side that join them in class. 

Tell us more about your business and how you became a Girl Boss.
Let’s get spooky for a moment. When I was about 12, there were a few nights when my closet door rattled and my bed shook. I’m talking about Exorcist type shaking. After a few nights of this, I finally said, “How do I get this to stop?!” At that moment, a young boy in spirit walked up to my bed. He appeared to be about 7 years old. He said, “My name is Leo. My daddy killed us all and then killed himself. Can you help us get there? I know you are able.” As he said this, he pointed into the distance. I couldn’t see anything but I knew he meant the Other Side. When I replied that I didn’t know how, he said he would show me. I crossed over 4 children and the parents. The dad was the most difficult. A few days passed after the final crossover when Leo returned to say thank you. He told me that he knew that I was special and that he had a gift for me. Being a tween in the 80’s, I thought an Atari was going to show up. It was more amazing than that. It was an incredible connection to the Other Side and to my intuition. 

I knew things but couldn’t act on them. I had to keep it quiet because of my upbringing. I saw and heard things that others didn’t.  I did what I was supposed to do. Went to school. Became a teacher. Got married. Had kids. All the while ignoring my intuition. 

Many years passed. Many times I said to myself that it was time to leave teaching and do readings. Didn’t happen. In 2005, my job got cut; and my friend, grandmother and mother passed away. With such a devastating year I was feeling unable to teach effectively. I finally listened to my intuition and decided to leave teaching and use my abilities to help people. 

You can take the teacher out of the school but you can’t take the love of teaching out of the teacher. I started teaching intuition workshops. This brought me clients. Clients told others about the specific and meaningful messages I gave and the clear connections to the Other Side I make. My business took off and bookings flew in. I spent many years doing readings and teaching intuition workshops. With the rise of social media, I had a new outlet to spread the word about intuition. I use social media to continue to teach about intuition and share messages. 

My business has grown to the point where I have a year long wait list for reads. I went from single readings to selling out large venues for messaging shows. Podcasters and radio show hosts seek me out as  a guest expert about intuition. 

What does it mean to you to be a #GIRLBOSS?
It means that I can make an impact while making an income. I can do both of these things on my own terms and enjoy every moment. 

What do you love most about running your own business and being a Girl Boss?
I get rewarded everyday, several times a day, when I help people open  up to their potential; give them hope, inspiration and laughs.  I get so much joy from providing reunions with people and their loved ones on the Other Side. 

Your intuition is your superpower. My goal is to have people realize that they are intuitive. With the right techniques, they can access their intuition and create their best life. Your intuition knows that it’s going to be okay and it knows how to get you there.  

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in being a business owner?
The initial fear was leaving a steady pay cheque and benefits. However, even the most stable job isn’t stable forever. When you find your calling and work smart, you are never out of work. For many years, I was afraid of what people would think. There I was with a great job and left it. I was afraid of the judgement of doing something considered weird. I was afraid that my kids would get bullied because of what I did. 

At the beginning, I would still tell people that I was a teacher. Then it changed to telling people I was a counsellor. When I decided to kick down the door and fully come out of the spiritual closet, everything changed. Once I began telling people that I was a Psychic Medium, business went through the roof. The law of attraction in effect! 

I still get people that say that they don’t believe in “that stuff”. That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to believe in what they choose. 

Is there a moment during your career that stands out to you and validates your decision to become a Girl Boss?
There are many moments everyday that validate my decision. The happy tears. The realizations. The closure. The hope. From the moment I left teaching to do readings, I knew it was the right decision for myself and my family. Everything flowed. My anxiety disappeared.  Things fell into place.

I always said that when I have the means, I will help those less fortunate. When I hold workshops and shows, I donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity. My clients are amazing and always donate more than what I suggest. Being able to give back tells me I made the right choice. 

I do have to say, my daughter who is now 23 recently told me how she loved having me home as she grew up. It gave her a sense of security to know I was always there for her. Any mom will tell you that hearing those words is the best feeling ever.

What advice would you give to aspiring Girl Bosses?
Chances are that you will never feel ready to start your own business. Yes, you need to pay bills so keep your dayjob until you don’t need your dayjob. Do small things everyday to bring you closer to your dream job; your dream life. Educate yourself. Practice your skills. Connect with others in the field. Find a mentor.  At some point, you are going to be too busy to go to work. 

To enter the intuitive field, you must do it with the best of intentions. Of utmost importance is helping people. There is a lot of work you need to do on yourself so that you can give messages and insights from a neutral, non-judgemental point of view. You should fine tune your skills and that involves educating yourself and practicing before you start to charge. Even if intuition isn’t your career of choice, you can certainly use intuition to find your best career path. Step onto that path and walk towards your best life!

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