Entrepreneurs are the faces behind the businesses, products and services that we love. They are the people who come up with the brilliant ideas for these businesses and make them come to life. In this series, you will get more of an inside look of how each of these hard working, passionate, creative individuals got to where they are today as well as how you can also follow your dreams for your own entrepreneurial ventures.

Eric De Feo

I had the pleasure of meeting this next entrepreneur during a small business event with the Hudson Business Coalition (how fitting!). Eric is not only on the board for HBCi but he also owns two unique businesses of his own in Hudson and Catskill, NY. The drive behind his entrepreneurial spirit and opening his ownContinue reading “Eric De Feo”

Austin Urban

Being a part of a family business can be stressful, demanding, and yet very rewarding. It’s not for everyone, but it was a starting point for this thriving twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneur. Not only is Austin hands on in the family businesses, but he also has created a name for himself within his own business ventures. FromContinue reading “Austin Urban”

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