Love is NOT Cancelled: Rachel & Michael

Rachel and I go way back – from Girl Scouts, to Field Hockey camp to visiting one another in college. She’s always been that friend who’s down to have a good time and will always keep it interesting. So, when she told me she met Mike, was moving in with him, was expecting a baby and was getting married (all of which happened within the past two years – not all at once!), each set of news came at no surprise. Rachel has always been a go-getter with a huge heart.

Like most 2020 wedding couples, COVID derailed their plans and their country barn wedding in Pennsylvania would be postponed to 2021. But, this did not stop Rachel and Michael from tying the knot. Their wedding was beautiful, intimate and everything they could ever need.

Bride: Rachel Wiertel
Michael Wiertel
Wedding Date: September 5, 2020
Wedding Venue: Our House

How did you and your partner meet? Tell me your story:
My loving sister forced me to download the online dating app Bumble (thanks Becca!). I swiped right, we matched, and that’s how I met Mike. We went on our first date shortly after we matched and haven’t looked back since 🙂

What were your original wedding plans pre-pandemic?
We originally were supposed to have a 200 person barn wedding at The Country Barn in Lancaster, PA.

How did you choose to move forward with getting married vs. rescheduling to a later date?
Well, we really wanted to get married this year regardless of all the changes. So, we had a small intimate gathering of family and a few friends at our house with plans of a renewal party next year.

Tell me a little bit about the experience you had on your wedding day!
We love our backyard and figured itwould be a great spot for a small intimate wedding. So, we planned a ceremony and reception at our house on the original date we were planned to be married. My parents really out did themselves and blew our minds with the decor, setup and whole country theme. We really wanted a laid back atmosphere with yard games and great music, which is exactly what we got!

What wedding vendors did you use? Anything special to tell me about them?
We had Mission BBQ cater, which was delicious – especially the mac and cheese! One of my friends took pictures for us (thank you Allison!) since our original photographer was already booked for next year for our renewal party. All of the flowers were wild made by an Amish farm stand, which all came out so beautiful.

Are there one or two specific details you want to highlight?
My dad tripped on the runner walking me down the aisle and almost fell on his face and when the judge asked Mike what he had to give me as a symbol of his love he forgot about the rings. Never a dull moment around here!

Do you have any advice to future couples who are still unsure of whether or not they are going to reschedule their weddings from this year or have rescheduled already?
Do what feels right for you and your vision! We always knew we wanted to have a rustic, outdoor and FUN wedding. While we couldn’t have the wedding we had planned this year, we still made that happen in our backyard with our close family and friends and we couldn’t have been happier. We’re looking forward to celebrating with everyone at our renewal next year!

Any advice to future couples about the whole “getting married” thing?

Try to relax and enjoy every minute as the day goes by so fast. Also go in knowing something will go wrong so you will be less disappointed and better able to cope.

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