The 5 Essential Items In My Home Office

Let’s be honest, you either love or hate working from home. I am definitely one of those people who fall in the category of loving it (many of my co-workers prefer the latter). I also will admit that I mostly love it because I have my own office, allowing me to separate work from home a little bit. Oh, and not having a chaotic family at home could be a contributing factor as well.

It’s a crazy time we’re living in right now. Actually, it’s one for the history books. A period of our lives that we will look back on and share the story with for the next generation to come. Strange to think about, huh?

On March 20, 2020, New York State was put on “pause”. 100% of the non-essential workforce was mandated to stay home, leaving only professionals in the healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, grocery and pharmacy, news media, financial institutions, defense and safety, basic services (auto, mail, trash, child care, etc.), liquor stores and human services fields the flexibility to run “business as usual”.

What did this actually mean for professionals like myself who work at a non-essential business? It meant that I no longer had to put on my dress pants and heels and drive 30 minutes to my office. Instead, I could roll out of bed, put on my best pair of leggings and head across from my bedroom to my office where my laptop and blanket await my arrival.

So, as I sit here in my home office, I think of all the items around me that make it easier for me to be productive and comfortable throughout my workday. While I have the luxury of having a dedicated space to work and I don’t need to use my dining room table as my desk, these items are also useful if you happen to be using your dining room table as your desk (this also happens to be my Husband’s workspace option).


Stay hydrated! One of the first things in my morning routine is to put the coffee on and fill up my Yeti with water. If you have beverages readily available at your workspace, you are more prone to remember to hydrate while also making sure you have enough caffeine to make it through your workday.

Desk Supplies

Even though I don’t print anything from home, I have found my desk supplies to be helpful – especially the sticky notes. The other items I keep in my organizer that I use daily includes pens, chap stick, hand sanitizer and my Roku remote! Who said desk supplies had to be traditional?


I never used my AirPods in my office, because I had a door to block out noise. Now, I use them almost everyday. They are great for conference calls and webinars, which I have daily. Also, Bluetooth and cordless is definitely the way to go.


My calendar helps keep me on track for the week, especially because my schedule is always changing and I can’t keep track of my days anymore. Don’t get me wrong, my outlook calendar is also my best friend, I just prefer a physical reminder as well.

A Blanket & Slippers

Never have I ever used my blanket and slippers during the week so much in my life. When working at home, comfort is key. Being that my office is on second floor, the rooms are not as warm, so these items have come in handy. Plus, no one can see them when I’m on a Zoom call!

Since many of us still do not know when we will be back in our work offices, having a comfortable and functional home office is helpful during this time. The traditional items that you have in your office at work may vary from your home office (mine does!), so the key is knowing what you need, or want. Yes, my laptop is definitely my most essential item (that’s a given), but my slippers are what makes my workday a little more comfortable.

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